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About me

Hi, my name is Cheukyin Yip. I'm currently a Master of EE.

I love everything that's funny and needs deep thinking, expecially Maths and Computer Science.


  • Arch Linux: I use Linux every day. Previously I have been using Ubuntu for many years. Now I have switched to Arch + KDE as my main desktop.
  • Emacs: I'm a huge fan of Emacs, but I don't hate Vim at all because I use Evil to avoid the well-known "Emacs pinky".
  • Python:I write many handful scripts for my project and system management.It's the greatest language I've ever used.

What's more, I love reading and have read a bunch of novels.
So much words I've read, I want to write some articles by myself.
Therefore, I hopes to enhance my poor writing skills here, whether Chinese or English.

How this Site is Developed

This website is created with Jekyll, a static website generator written in Ruby.
The theme is inspired of Havee's site. Thanks to
The articles are written in Org-Mode with Emacs, you can have a look at my emacs config on my Github.

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